REX HomeBuyer provides a new source of down payment funding to creditworthy purchasers. FirstREX will typically provide up to half the down payment you need to buy a home in exchange for a share of the profit or loss when you decide to sell.
REX HomeBuyer can help you buy the home you really want. Find out how REX HomeBuyer can help you.

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By allowing you to consider a greater range of home prices, REX HomeBuyer down payment funding can have a dramatic impact on your home purchase.

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By providing up to 50% of the down payment you need, REX HomeBuyer can get you into the home you really want today.

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Perhaps you’re not comfortable using all of your savings to purchase. With REX HomeBuyer you can retain a cash cushion, take on less mortgage debt and buy a home with peace of mind.

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FirstREX can help you purchase a home by providing up to 50% of the required down payment.  We are not a government program or other form of subsidized assistance. We are a private real estate investment company that invests in homes alongside responsible and creditworthy buyers. Learn more 

The cash we provide is not a loan. It is an equity investment in your home. We don’t charge interest, and we don’t receive monthly payments. Except for a transaction fee, you typically don’t pay FirstREX anything until you decide to sell your home, up to 30 years later. We earn a return on our investment by sharing in the price movement of your home - up OR down. Depending on the future value of your home, we can make a profit or incur a loss. Typically when we make a profit, you also make a profit. Learn more 

Buy the home that you really want today with financing that meets your needs.  REX HomeBuyer can help you:

  • Consider a greater range of home prices.
  • Retain some cash at closing for remodeling, furnishing or a rainy day.
  • Qualify for a loan on the home you want.

REX HomeBuyer can make all the difference in getting the home you really want. Learn more 


Is REX HomeBuyer right for me?

      • Yes, if you want to buy “just a little more house” or buy in a specific neighborhood.
      • Yes, if you can afford the monthly loan payment on the home you want, but you don’t have enough cash for the required down payment.
      • Yes, if you want to buy now while interest rates are low and before home prices return to previous levels, but you haven't saved enough for a down payment.
      • Yes, if you're not comfortable using all of your savings to purchase.
      • Yes, if you want to buy without paying private mortgage insurance (PMI).
      • Yes, if you need cash reserves after closing to qualify for the mortgage loan.
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